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I am Brittany Paiyarat 
I am a wife
I am a mother
I am a photographer
I am an artist
I am a motivator 
I am a hard worker
I am passionate

Hello gorgeous, I'm Brittany

I am focused
I am determined
I am thoughtful
I am lovable
I am deserving
I am a fighter
I am beautiful
I am strong

I am optimistic
I am worthy
I am supportive
I am headstrong
I am an advocate
I am empowered
I am a woman
I am a human

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 It’s all about the experience and the one thing I thrive my business on is your experience. I want you leaving my studio feeling completely different about yourself, of course in a good way. You could already be so confident in yourself but to see yourself raw and being vulnerable in front of a camera makes all of the difference. Most of my clients leave the studio in tears never knowing they could be so beautiful. My goal is to make every women feel like a diamond, indestructible, no one can bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself. Come take this journey with me.

Every woman deserves to love their body

let your self love
journey begin

feel empowered

Your session is all about the experience, lucky for you I have built the experience of a lifetime. At these experiences we will create magical photos that will last a lifetime. Your Session Experience begins at $599. Each Session Experience includes an In-Person Consultation, Professional Makeup and Hair, a 60 Minute Session Experience with Brittany Paiyarat, a Professional Wardrobe Consultation, Access to our Extensive Client Closet, 3 Wardrobe Changes, at least 30 Fully Retouched Images to Choose From, and a Reveal and Ordering Appointment. Luxury Products begin at $1200.  A typical purchase is around $3,000, because let's be real you're going to fall in love with yourself! Payments Plan options are available to make every product affordable. We also have an amazing Referral Program that can earn you up to $500 off your session.

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My experience was everything I hoped it would be and more! It was a total blast. I got to be surrounded by uplifting wonderful women all day, that are the best hype crew of all time. I got to feel so pretty. It was empowering and addicting! I am not very confident in general, nor do I usually like photos of myself, so there was that aspect of course. And I definitely don't see myself as sexy, so that was scary and awkward to think about at first. When I saw my photos I felt like I wasn't even looking at myself, because I would never see a photo of me before and think "wow she's is beautiful" but I did think that when I saw these photos. 

- miss D

I expected to be uncomfortable and embarrassed but I was not. Brittany made me comfortable and confident the entire time ! My favorite part is how I feel about myself now. I FEEL sexy and confident with what my body has to offer not only for myself but my significant other as well. I have to say just do it. That's it. Literally just do it! It's the best investment you will make for yourself! 

- miss J

The whole day was so special. I felt so pampered by starting off getting my hair and make up done it made me feel like a Victoria Secret model or a Hollywood star. Then while taking the photos Brittany made the whole experience so easy and fun. She has a special way of making you feel completely comfortable in your skin and proud to show of your body. I was originally nervous thinking about being nude in my photos. I usually am a very private person. But Brittany made it so you really don’t even think about the lack of clothing you may have on.

- miss A

I loved that it was a day about me. I didn't have to do anything but show up. I didn't have to worry about doing my makeup or hair. It was taken care of. I didn't even have to think about how to pose. It was so fun and relaxing. A few hours of being sexy, stress free, and it all about me!  Words will never be able to describe how amazing it was! This was a dream come true!

- miss M

Had such a wonderful experience with Brittany and Amanda yesterday at The Green Banana Studio. These two women are extremely professional, hilarious, and the ultimate hype girls! I was hesitant going in because I still have some insecurities with my body, but they both made me feel absolutely beautiful. Thank you both for the BEST first time experience with boudoir! Will definitely be doing this again!

- miss K

I had my first boudoir shoot ever today and I was extremely nervous before the shoot. I’ve recently lost 80 pounds and I am still pretty insecure with my body, but Brittany made sure I felt comfortable and I loved her positivity and encouragement throughout the entire shoot. Despite my insecurities about my loose skin, stretch marks, and extra fluff I still have here and there...she still made me feel beautiful. If anyone is looking to feel empowered and just downright beautiful...have Brittany shoot you. I couldn’t be any more happy with the way that my shoot went.

- miss V

I’ve done a couple boudoir shoots with Brittany Paiyarat. The first one was a virtual shoot. I was able to stay in the comfort of my own home, which helped because I was so nervous! The other one was at a luxury location. Brittany made me confident in my body. This helped me love my body more. She was so easy to work with and very encouraging. She won’t force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. She knows exactly how to pose you so it looks the best! Start your journey to self love with Brittany!

- miss b

Once I met Brittany... I liked her right away she was such a sweet and fun person to talk to. A friend of mine had told me about her and what she does. I thought it would be a fun experience, and it was. I am so happy I did this experience. I felt so comfortable, confident, and beautiful. I would recommend this experience to any and every woman. The wonderful way you feel the entire time and the product you receive at the end is so worth it. I am so happy with my amazing photos, they are truly beautiful. Brittany does an extraordinary job from start to finish. I would recommend her to everyone.

- miss r

Today was absolutely one of the best days I've had! From the amazing makeup and hair by Amanda, to trying on all the outfits and picking just the right ones for the photos! The set up at The Green Banana Studio was beautiful! Needless to say the mimosa and fruit tray were an added plus. Couldn't hav e asked for a better location. Thank you for my surprise gift! Thank you for making me feel beautiful today!

- miss B

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