My name is Brittany Paiyarat and I am the owner and photographer of Brittany Paiyarat Boudoir Studios. I started my photography journey when I was a young child but I really began it as a career in high school. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2012.
I started specializing in boudoir in 2014 and haven't looked back since. When I began boudoir and saw how much it could impact someone's life I knew it was my calling. Helping women fall in love with themselves is the best job possible.
I have been with my high school sweetheart since 2009 and have been married since 2013. He is in the Coast Guard which requires us to move a lot! We have lived in 4 different states since he joined in 2013. We have three little girls including, identical twins. We also have 2 dogs and a cat, who are also our children. I can't wait to meet you and start your Self Love Journey!

I love country music, in fact my husband and I met at a Country Music Festival back home in Southern California. I'm a Disney fanatic and miss going to Disneyland all the time because it is my happy place. I am a Harry Potter geek, and you'll definitely hear me quote it multiple times. I love animals and actually started my photography career thinking I would be a wildlife photographer with the dream of being published in National Geographic but the world sent me another way. Life has a funny way of working out that way. I love being by the water; lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.; this makes being in the Coast Guard a great choice. When the weather is nice you can find me laying on the beach or even shooting there. I love to be outside but do not like activities outside, so just give me a chair and a good book and I'll be happy soaking up that sun. I am deathly terrified of squirrels, there was an evil one my grandma's backyard growing up and I had a nightmare it was eating my ear and have never liked them since. I'm a crafty person and love to do any type of arts and crafts, in fact I used to have an Etsy shop that sold those items. I believe if you dream hard enough the world will send you in the right direction.

brittany paiyarat

Self love ADVOCATE 

Amanda bravender

brittany spreen

14 Years Experience

Has worked: Fashion Week twice, The Grammys, Celebrities/High Profile Clients, and even have had clients send me as far as France!

I have gotten to work all over the country doing wig work and makeup for operas, musical theater, and ballet!

Married to High School Sweetheart
Mother to 5 Children
2 Dalmatians, 9 Chickens, Bees, and a Horse!

8 Years of Makeup Experience

My passion for hair and makeup started when I was a little girl being raised in a beauty salon by my mom.

I'm pursuing further into that passion by doing an apprenticeship for hair.

The Other Brittany
Married to High School Sweetheart
Mother to 3 Children

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